“Holy Spirit, come invade us now. We are Your church. We need Your power in us.”

          Spring into it! With spring here and summer closing in on us as well, how is your step?  What? What do you mean “how is your step?”  Some people do a high step, while others shuffle their steps. But, how are you walking with Jesus? I wonder if we talk on the surface about our relationship with Jesus, but we fail to be real. You know real, like struggles, faults, and hindrances or do we need to have our guard up so no one can see the hurt and pain in our life. After coming through a long and difficult winter, we are excited about the longer daylight, warmer weather, and signs of life. Just as seeds take time to mature into plants and bring forth vegetation, we cannot mature or be fruitful overnight. We need to continually be devoted to what God wants to do in our life, through the reading of His Word, praying, participating in community, and other spiritual disciplines of life. How devoted are you? Devoted means one step at a time with consistency and purpose (Nate’s definition). This spring let us put a spring or bounce into our stepping with Jesus. May our life be committed and devoted to maturing in His Grace to be a fruitful people, individually and as a community. May the Spirit continue to nurture us and empower us to be His people!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Nate