Membership Classes


Have you been attending for a while and felt a desire to make that connection official? Maybe you just want to learn more about our church?
During the month of May, we will be offering membership classes during the Sunday school hour, 9:30 am each Sunday, May 3 – 24, open to any who would like to attend.

Church Work Day


We will be having a church work day on Saturday, April 25, from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. Lunch will be provided. We have plenty of projects to be worked on, both inside and out.

Missions Weekend with the Moshers April 11&12

David and Marquita

David and Marquita Mosher

This weekend, we will be hosting Nazarene Missionaries David and Marquita Mosher for deputation a service and a evening of fellowship. David and Marquita are currently on home assignment following four years serving in Malawi. They began their missionary service in Swaziland in 1983. You can see a detailed biography here: Mosher Missionary Profile.

On Saturday evening, April 11, at 6:00pm, we will hosting a fellowship time with David and Marquita. Bring finger foods and a friend! Come and get to know the missionaries and have a fun time hanging out.

Sunday morning, April 12, our worship service will be a deputation service. We hope that you will join with us as we pray for, support and send out these missionaries.